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Usb 3. 0 3-PORT(EX) + Sata Iii 1-PORT(INT) Combo Controller Card Pci-e With Sata Power Connector(int)

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Usb 3 0 3PORT
Usb 3 0 3PORTEX Sata Iii 1PORTINT Combo Controller Card Pcie With Sata Power Connectorint Image 1Usb 3 0 3PORTEX Sata Iii 1PORTINT Combo Controller Card Pcie With Sata Power Connectorint Image 2

The Usb 3. 0 3-PORT - a great product from Tenext is a superb USB 3.0 expansion card. MPN# U3P4V-3P1S-S. One of the several major features for this USB 3.0 port is the 1 internal 15-pin sata power connection port. Other features consist of 1 internal sata iii port and 3 external super speed usb 3. 0 ports. If you're purchasing a USB 3.0 cards, pick an appropriate warranty. Take into account that extended warranties can be purchased, however they come at a cost and are often times unneeded. A little homework goes far based on that you can with certainty purchase the things which you want and even need. Utilizing the world wide web just a couple of clicks of the mouse away you'll be able to do as little or as much homework on the items which you are wanting to buy. Purchasing the Usb 3. 0 3-PORT. For the best price for this product as well as other USB 3.0 expansion cards, click on the market button on this page.


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Upgrade two functions of your computer in a single card. First, one internal SATA III port for a high speed solid state drive (SSD) with transfer rate as a lot as 6Gbps. 0 ports for with USB 3. Note> : The SATA energy connection need to be connected to your computer's power supply for this expansion card to perform properly. It also use a SATA energy connection instead inside the older Molex energy connection. 0 devices. Includes SATA III data cable with locking clip. Second, three external Super Speed USB 3. With backward compatibility with USB 2. 1. 0/1. Also comes with mini-CD driver for Windows 7/Vista/XP.


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