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Cal Digit FASTA-6GU3 - E Sata And Usb 3. 0 Combo Card For Mac And Pc

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Cal Digit FASTA6GU3

The Cal Digit FASTA-6GU3 is a superb choice if you're searching to buy the latest USB 3.0 cards. I certainly loved that the item has 2x sata 6gbps ports and 2x usb3. 0 ports for the mac. Additional features include space saver, multiple interface and for 4 lane pcie slot. Where to buy the Cal Digit FASTA-6GU3, click the link below.


ASIN: B005X8NW36
Model: FASTA 6GU3
UPS: 201008000652
Package Quantity: 1

Cal Digits FASTA-6GU3 Overview The Cal Digit FASTA-6GU3 may be the very first of its kind, combining two next generation interfaces into a single card with throughput speeds of up to 6Gbps. - Fully compatible with SATA I (1. 0 - Designed with high quality components - Only needs a single PCIe slot, but provides two interfaces - Multiple USB 3. - Designed to run more rapidly and cooler than other cards on the marketplace. Support for Mac and Windows - Cal Digit developed the first USB 3. 0 driver for Mac OS X. - Both Mac and Computer users are in a position to reap the rewards from the speeds of USB 3. Applications like video editing, audio sweetening and photography are the perfect fit. - Cal Digit might be the only company to provide third party support for USB 3. - Lets users benefit from this subsequent generation connectivity. 0. Supports several popular technologies - S. M. A. R. T. - Port multiplication - Booting - Support for green and high performance SATA drives. - Unlike other companies cards the FASTA-6GU3 is not proprietary to Cal Digit products Cal Digit's exceptional quality of product - 2x e Sata ports - 2x USB3. The Cal Digit FASTA-6GU3 card has been designed for probably the most demanding content creators. Ideal for fast storage - Designed to provide the Cal Digit AV Drive, Cal Digit VR and Cal Digit VR mini the fastest connection possible. With both USB 3. - Completely backwards compatible with legacy SATA devices Support - 1-year warranty - Legendary technical support - Cal Digit's satisfaction guarantee - Fully tested before it ships. 0 devices on the Mac. 0 and 6G e SATA devices could possibly be attached - All components happen to be tested utilizing a unique oscilloscope to ensure optimum performance - Uses less energy than most PCIe cards. - Requires no driver for e SATA operation under OS X Lion. 0 and 6G e SATA connectivity, the Cal Digit FASTA-6GU3 gives a connection for the newest technology. 5G) , SATA II (3G) and SATA III (6G) drives.


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