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Visiontek 900544 4X USB3. 0 Pcie Expansion Card

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900544 4X USB3 0 Pcie Expansion Card

Visiontek 900544 4X USB3. 0 Pcie Expansion Card is a good upgrade, brag precisely how much of a computer nerd your are. 900544 is the part number for this USB 3.0 port card. One of the key attributes for these USB 3.0 ports is the visiontek 900544 4x usb3. 0 pcie expansion card. Other highlights consist of 1-year limited warranty and new - retail. The USB 3.0 expansion card weighs roughly 1 lbs. There's lots of companies that make electronics, with all of these models giving diverse price levels. If you are purchasing a USB 3.0 expansion card, look for an extended warranty. Using the internet just a couple mouse clicks away you can easily make as little or as much research on the merchandise you are wanting to buy as you would like. It's very simple and easy and one thing well-worth the time and energy. Shopping for the 900544 4X USB3. 0 Pcie Expansion Card. To buy this product now at the cheapest price, visit our partners via the link.


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The Vision Tek USB 3. 0/3. 0 PCI Express Card permits you to connect multiple USB peripherals to your PC with no having the expense of replacing your motherboard. 0. The USB 3. It really may be the best interface for transferring large amounts of data to/from USB 2. 0 4-Port PCI Express Card enhances the performance of data transmission beyond existing USB 2. 0 compliant devices such as external storage drives, HD AV streaming adapters, and drastically much more.

Features:Add 4 USB 3. 0 devicesIdeal for external drives and HD StreamingFits any PCI Express Slot adapters 0 ports to your existing systemCompatible with USB 2.


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